Beautiful Baby Shower on a Budget

Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, the pressure to make every party picture perfect is so real. It’s tempting to go all out with lush floral arrangements, photo booths, and food that matches the theme. While all of that is wonderful, it can get expensive.

Two Aunts and a Mom to be!

My sister is due to make me an aunt in August, so my first job as best aunt ever was to throw the best baby shower ever. I wish I would have been able to throw the Instagram-worthy baby shower of my dreams, unfortunately my budget didn’t allow for that. Through this planning process, I decided it was necessary for me to share these tips to my fellow broke hostesses.

  1. DIY Decorations

Of course you’ve thought of this! I’m sure you’ve been browsing idea for days and made an entire Pinterest board of baby shower decorations. My original plan was mason jars (DUH!) with carnations or baby’s breath. Then out of boredom I thought I would attempt to get crafty. After a view YouTube videos and Pinterest tutorials, I made up my own (lazier) method to create these giant coffee flowers. Not to brag, but are they gorgeous or…?

Here’s how I did it:

  • Take six coffee filters and lay them flat (still stacked together)
  • Fold into fourths to make a cone shape
  • Scallop the edges, I did this with pinking shears but you could easily free hand with standard scissors
  • Pinch the point of the ‘cone’ and fluff/manipulate the ‘petals’
  • Tape tightly around the point to hold the ‘petals’ in place

I used kabob skewers I had on hand and jammed them through the bottom, then secured with another round of tape. Without the sticks, I think they would be beautiful lining the table or in clusters, maybe even a garland. I already had the jars so I went with my skewers.  There are tons of tutorials online if you want to get fancier and dye the coffee filters as well!

2. Delegate!

The best leaders do it, the best hostess should too! People contributing helps you stick to your budget. If you have friends or family who offer to help, let them! The main thing I delegated was the food. We planned the shower at two in the afternoon, to avoid having to serve a meal (bonus tip!). I planned on doing appetizers/finger foods. I had enough help for the food all I had to provide was punch and cupcakes- score! If people offer to help, usually they are actually willing to, it can’t hurt to ask, “Would you mind bringing a fruit tray?”

3. Don’t forget about the Dollar Tree

If you know me well, you know I love me some Dollar Tree. Especially for any party or holiday! Balloons, streamers, plates, silverware; literally every party essential can be found for $1! My favorite decoration was the adorable giraffe garland taped on the fireplace, and I found it at the Dollar Tree!

What’s better than that? One thing you may not think to get at good ole Dollar Tree, game prizes! Before you roll your eyes, look at these!

A dish drying mat, an adorable oven mitt, and three utensils. Super cute and actually useful. I would rather go home with this than a bag of candy or a pair of fuzzy socks.

4. Location, location, location

If it were up to me, we would be having this shower in my grandma’s living room- however my mom utilized a great connection and rented a beautiful community center for free. There is nothing wrong with having your baby shower at someone’s house, garage, or church basement. Do what’s best for your budget, in the end it is all about the mommy-to-be and showering her with love, no one will care about the venue. Just be sure you have enough room for all of your guests

5. Keep the games simple

There are dozens of fun baby shower games I’ve seen pop up lately, especially with the rise in popularity of coed baby showers. I decided to keep my games simple for two reasons: There will be lots of people there who don’t know each other and I wouldn’t want to put anyone in an uncomfortable position by teaming them up (the introvert in me, helping my fellow introverts) and to save money.

For one game, I filled a baby bottle with candy and had everyone write down their name and their guess with standard Price is Right rules, closest without going over. Our second game not only kept it simple, but is a great way to keep everyone engaged during opening presents, because let’s be real it’s not super exciting. I set a timer for a random time when she began opening gifts, when the timer went off, whoever’s gift she was opening gets a prize!

Diaper cake created by our diaper raffle winner

For the main prize, we did a diaper raffle. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically the best way to ensure you get lots of diapers! I put a note on the invitations telling guests they’re eligible for a prize if they bring a pack of any sized diapers. Upon each guest’s arrival, if they bring diapers, they get a random number. At the end of the shower, we drew a number and the winner was chosen! All three of these games were not only simple, but they hardly cost a thing! The only expense was the baby bottle (which can be reused) and the candy!

These are just a few tips that will make for a fun, budget friendly baby shower. Don’t let social media rope you into planning a shower that will add to your credit card debt. Keep the focus on the reason you’re all getting together- celebrating a beautiful new little baby coming into the world.

What budget-friendly tips do you have for planning a shower/party?

Pin for your fellow broke hostesses!

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