Wednesday Wishlist: Summer Essentials

Like it or not, Summer is here! I am 100% not a summer gal, I like jeans, boots, cozy cardigans. Unfortunately, I cannot avoid the disgusting summer conditions like heat advisories, shorts, and swimsuits. There are a few things that make summer a little more bearable for me though, and not just that fact that my birthday is in July. So crank up your A/C, throw on your flip-flops and get busy reading!

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My Wishlist

Things I don’t have and wish I did.

Handy Dandy Phone Case

Who needs to lug a giant purse around when you’re already sweating from the mere weight of your clothes? This phone case holds your iPhone, credit cards, and ID. Perfect for travel or beach days! The wristlet strap makes it even more convenient and easy to keep track of and the color options have something for everyone. Check it out


Pool for One

Or a few, if you like each other. This would be perfect to lounge in on a sunny day, or to cool off in after a long one. While a big ole pool in the backyard would be better, some of us can’t afford the luxury or would rather pass on the upkeep. Get it here and take a well deserved dip!


Flattering Swimsuit

photo from @instantfigure on instagram

I could write a book on how much I despise swimsuits. I love swimming, I love being in the pool- I hate swimsuits. First off, my options are so limited as a plus size woman; every flattering style is solid black or a horrendous 80’s floral pattern. I can never find them in stores, meaning I have to buy without trying them on, which usually means dealing with sending them back. Lastly, they are so pricey! If you’re a small to average size woman count your blessings that you can buy a decent swimsuit for under $50. Yes there are cheap suits out there in my size, but they are just that- cheap suits! This one is yes, black, expensive, and only available for me to buy online but this Instagram photo may just tempt me to attempt (yet another!) swimsuit from the internet. Check it out here.

Your Wishlist

Things I have tried and you need to try too!

Best Sunscreen

photo via @neutrogena on instagram

Dermatologist recommended, Neutrogena takes the cake every year when it comes to sunscreen. Whether you buy it in stick, lotion, or spray you will not be disappointed by another sunscreen.


Setting Spray for Summer Days

photo via @lisas_beautyecke on instagram

If you can justify the price of Urban Decay’s unbeatable setting spray, by all means get it. I however, would rather go for a more afforable dupe. NYX Setting Spray is my ride or die setting spray. It’s lasted through dancing the night away at a summer wedding, walking miles at the Iowa State Fair in August, and passing out flyers at a music festival on Fourth of July weekend. Keep your face melt proof ¬†this summer and get this magic potion.


E-reader Ready for Adventure

Photo via @amazonkindle on instagram

Take it to the beach, take it on the road- or if you’re like me, bundle up in your well air conditioned bedroom and read your heart out! I’ve had my kindle since high school and love it. Don’t get me wrong, the classic paperback still reigns supreme, however this is so much handier. Say you’re on a trip, finish your book and didn’t bring another- problem solved! You can buy one with one click and it’s downloaded and ready to enjoy in minutes. Not to mention the capabilities of internet browsing, Amazon music, games and more. Learn more here


Beach Hair

photo via @ogledalcecosmetics on instagram

Without going to the beach! I have some natural wave and I’m super lazy when it comes to styling my hair most of the time. I love spritzing some Wella Sugar Lift in my damp hair and roughing it up a little. It smells amazing and has a bit more hold than the popular salt sprays. I twist small sections with my fingers as it air drys for more wavy, ringlet action. Try it!¬†


Basic Earbuds

photo via

The beach, the pool, out for a walk in the sun- you have to have headphones. These come in three colors, including the popular rose gold. Basic and inexpensive, they give you the power to enjoy your tunes poolside or listen to an audiobook with your toes in the sand. Get them here.


A Cup to Keep Your Drink Cold

photo via @tervis on instagram

Any double walled tumbler should do the trick, but my family has always been partial to Tervis. Hot drinks, cold drinks- you can even get a personalized one on their website!


Perfect Shades

photo via @mifzalshoppe on instagram

To keep the sun out of your eyes or to hide the fact you skipped makeup, you cannot live without a pair of good sunglasses. I’ve always been very picky about sunglasses and partial to the classic Ray Ban style, at a lower price. Get some good knock-off’s for under $10.

There you have a few of my summer wishes. Stay cool in the heat wave! What is your summer must-have?

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