Wednesday Wishlist: Craft Essentials Edition

It’s Wednesday again! I don’t know about where you live, but my oh my has it been a heat wave here! I’ve been avoiding the outdoors like a the plague. I am not a summer gal whatsoever.

Being inside has given me time to work on a few projects, mainly decorations for my sister’s upcoming baby shower. I had this crazy idea to share my favorite DIY tools with you in this Craft Essential Edition of Wishlist Wednesday!

My Wish List:

Best Selling Hot Glue Gun

An essential I have yet to own is a hot glue gun! My grandma lives next door so I borrow hers all the time. It’s time to invest in my own. For $11.50 and over 100 five star reviews, I may finally buy it

Colorful Craft Organizer

My craft storage is currently non-existent. I have a worn out Hobby Lobby bag that hold my fabric, a shelf in the laundry room that hold my ribbon and washi tape. My spray paint sits in a corner on my desk- you get the picture. A cart like this would be perfect for a small space like mine, the multicolored drawers would make organizing a breeze, and I must get it.

Dream-worthy Craft Table

Now this one would be a splurge for a bargain bin gal, like myself. I can just imagine turning our spare bedroom into the craft room/office of my dreams. No craft cart needed with the storage compartments, just some cutesy cloth bins or baskets. Maybe I’ll get it for Christmas.

Your Wishlist:

High Coverage Spray Paint

This spray paint is the best! I have a deep love for transforming the ordinary into bright, shiny, or colorful. I used the metallic silver recently to paint these mason jars for centerpieces, I literally gasped when I sprayed one swipe across the jars; the coverage is incredible and true to the swatch. I have used this spray paint on glass, wood, plastic, cardboard and more. Try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Pinking Shears

I cannot sew if my life depended on it, but I love fabric crafts. I’ve made several fabric wreaths and these keep me from dealing with those rough, stringy edges without sewing them. I also used them to create the fun, fluffy edges on these coffee filter flowers, my mom always said don’t use fabric scissors on paper but I took my chances. You can get fabric ones like mine here.

Washi Tape

Washi Tape is a fun, non commitment way to dress up anything and everything. I created this collage on my wall with random photos and washi tape borders about a year ago, it has held up very well. If you’re not familiar with washi tape, I would compare it to painter’s tape. It’s easily removable and can be used on about any surface. Here‘s a set of multiple colors so you can try it out for yourself.

Glue Dots

A lazy-DIYer’s dream! As a kid crafting with Grandma, I became a huge fan of glue dots. We used them a lot because we were too young to use the glue gun. We used them often for foam crafts, Christmas ornaments and such. I made this little wooden storage box for my husband last year; it’s (supposed to be) a deer made out of wood slices. I used glue dots to secure each slice on and not one has fallen off a whole year later. Get them here.

The Dollar Tree

Photo by Halle Hayes

Okay no, it isn’t something you can buy but the Dollar Tree is essential for any DIYer on a budget. Glass dishes for sharpie projects, jars and vases, huge selection of artificial flowers, wreath forms, foam board- they have it all! My wedding centerpieces were $5 a piece thanks to the dollar tree. (1 silver tray, 3 wine glasses, fake flowers). If you don’t shop there or haven’t browsed their craft supply aisle- do it!

There’s just a few things I couldn’t imagine DIY-ing without! What are your favorite tools and supplies that I need to try out?

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  1. Washi tape multiple rolls for $6, that is a deal. They are $2 a roll at Walmart. I love the storage/craft table, too. 🙂
    Turning the inexpensive into beautiful is what crafting is all about, IMO!

    1. Right? It’s such a good deal! I’ve been buying it at Walmart too! That craft table is amazing. If I could justify the money it would be mine tomorrow. That is what crafting is all about. 🙂

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