Monday Funday Facts

It’s Monday! I thought I would do something fun and different to celebrate a new week. If you’re one of my few readers not related to me, I thought I would let you get to know me a little better by sharing some fun facts about myself. I encourage you to post a few fun facts about you in the comments!

1. I have siblings young enough to be my children

Cooper, Myself, Dani, and Matti
Dani, Myself, and Kenna

I have five siblings total. Dani, my “whole” sister who is nineteen months younger than me. Kenna, who is going to be a senior in high school this fall, is my step sister who has been in my life for almost ten years. Then we have my two half siblings, Matti (3) and Cooper (just turned one). If you’re doing the math, there is an 18 year age gap between Matti and I, 20 between Cooper and I. Not your typical age gap! I love being the big sister of all four of them.

2. My husband and I got engaged after six months of dating

Our engagement night

And he was my first ever boyfriend. What can I say? When you know you know. We met working at Hy-Vee grocery store, he claims he always had a crush on me but it took two years for him to make a move and chat me up. I sent the Facebook message that started it all and the rest is history.

3. I have a matching tattoo with my dad

My dad and I have always been very close. When I was just a baby, he would constantly play his guitar and sing (mostly Beatles songs) to me. I was basically born a Beatles fan and my dad and I have bonded over a mutual love for them my whole life. When I turned eighteen we commemorated it with matching Beatles tattoos. Four years later and I love it still.

4. I have a bald spot

Newborn baby me

I used to have about three or four. I was born with them in almost a circle around my head from being in the womb without water too long. Only the largest one remains, the others just went away as I grew. It’s about four inches long and two inches wide on the left side of my head. Thankfully I was blessed with thick hair to cover it. I used to be embarrassed by it if it showed, now I kind of just forget about it.

5.  I have a unique musical taste

One of my random playlists

If you put my music on shuffle you might go from the Beatles to Missy Elliot to Elvis to Taylor Swift to Everclear. The majority of music in my library is pre-2000. My favorite Amazon Music stations are 90’s hip-hop and classic rock. I thank (or blame) my parents and grandparents for influencing my musical preferences.

6. I’m a very good cake decorator

One of my first “fancy cakes”

In high school, my plan was to go to pastry school in Florida and eventually become the Food Network’s next Ace of Cakes. Obviously my plans changed when I realized I would have to do more than just fancy frosting creations. I do still churn out the occasion cake with the help of my grandma Sue.

7. I love to sing

Rocking a “Rock Girl” Tee, age 7.

Music has been a big part of my life, thanks to my dad exposing me to the best music so young. I always loved to sing as a kid; I auditioned for every solo part elementary through high school. At a very young age, I told everyone I was going to win American Idol and didn’t need a car because I would have a limo. Yes, really. I took my singing career pretty seriously until my freshman year of high school when I got a bad score at state solo contest. Now my singing takes place mostly in my car, shower, and of course church. I’m always up for karaoke though!

8. I am obsessed with the show, Friends.

 I can basically talk along with every episode and tell you every detail just from the title. My poor husband has had to watch it so much that he’s almost just as bad as I am. It’s on a constant loop on my Netflix continue watching list, I have all the DVD’s, and I often watch the reruns on TV when I come across them. What can I say? It’s the best! With Gilmore Girls in a close second.

9. I love politics

I was in fourth grade the first time I went door to door canvassing and attended a rally for Presidential candidate, John Kerry. Since then I have canvassed for every Presidential election and two midterm elections. I have seen President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in person, twice. I also canvassed and made phone calls during the 2016 election for Secretary Hillary Clinton. My Facebook friends probably hate me for some of my political posts, I don’t back down from a good debate, and I own several election related tees.

10. I’m a dog mom

 I have a four year old yorkie, named Thor. He answers to many names, I mostly call him Bean or Beanie Baby. He is a mess of fur and loves to cuddle. His hobbies include laying in the sun, stopping and closing his eyes to feel the wind, and car rides with his dad.

This was so fun to share with you all! I want to learn something about you! Comments AT LEAST one fun fact below. Have a great week!

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