Wednesday Wishlist

The week is already half over! Can you believe it? Those three day weekends sure make for a good week!

Every Wednesday I am going to be posting a Wednesday Wishlist. The list will include a few items on my wishlist and a few items I have tried myself and think you should add to your wishlist!

I will disclose this post includes affiliate links, so I will earn a little something if you decide to buy anything I list here.

This week’s list includes some of my favorite purchases!

My wish list:

  1. This stylish makeup palette organizer

    I have been dying to get an acrylic organizer for my many palettes, but they are usually so pricey. This one is less than $15 and I plan on getting it very soon! Get it here
  2. This mega pack of dark circle masks

    I have the worst dark circles ever. I was buying hydrating under eye masks at ulta once and a while, but at $3 for one pair, I had to start hunting for a better deal. These have rave reviews! Get them here
  3. This highly recommended book

    Yes, you read that right (sorry grandma!). This book is apparently debunking the idea that positivity is the key to a rich, happy life. The idea is very intriguing and I have added it to my reading list. Read the whole description here..

    Your Wishlist

    1. Maca Powder that changed my life

      I endorse this product big time. I originally bought it because maca powder is known for increasing fertility, while it hasn’t helped me in that department yet, it has increased my energy and boosted my mood. I have to have it daily and when I don’t I can tell the difference big time. If you struggle with fatigue or low energy, order this now. I will be sharing my favorite maca smoothie recipes very soon!
    2. This crazy flattering dress

      By far the best thing piece of clothing I’ve bought in years! It is flattering, it comes in more than twenty colors, and you can wear it anywhere! I was skeptical, I thought it would make me appear as if I was wearing a tent, instead it hides everything I dislike about my body. I have it in black and I have worn it to a birthday party, graduation party, a funeral, and church. I’ve added different accessories like scarves or bold necklaces to change the look, so no one notices that I wear it all the time! It amazing, especially for us plus size gals. Order yours
    3. Game changing eye mask

      My husband was having trouble relying on his phone alarm to wake him up in the morning, so he got a standard digital alarm clock. It’s unpleasant, it’s loud, it does the job-however it glows blue and lights up the whole room. So I ordered this because it was cheap, and I thought the gel insert would be nice for headache days (and it is, my fellow migraine sufferers!). Little did I know the mask would do a lot more than block out that annoying blue light. I have struggled with insomnia for as long as I can remember, something about this mask blocking out all light and the gel contouring to my eye sockets makes it so much easier to unwind. I have been sleeping like a baby since the day it was delivered to my door! It’s worth every penny and then some. Click here to get yours.
    4. High quality, low price makeup brushes

      By now we’ve all heard amazon is a great place to get good quality makeup brushes for cheap, but is it really? Yes, yes, my broke, beauty loving friends: amazon is the only place to buy brushes! I am makeup crazy, but I’m always on a budget. These brushes are just as nice, if not nicer than my more expensive brushes. Not to mention you get TEN brushes for less than the price of one prestigious brush. Order them and trust me, you will not be disappointed.
    5. Fabulous device for streaming and more

      It has been almost two years since we gave up cable, yes really. We had an old Wii that we used for Netflix and that’s it. The Wii began to age, the remotes wouldn’t hold a charge, it was time to upgrade. When the new Amazon Fire Stick came out, we decided to get it. I have a pretty serious affair going on with all things amazon, so it was a no-brainer. Now we get to enjoy Amazon Music (another perk of a Prime membership), all of our Prime eligible shows and movies, along with our Netflix selection, and of course the many other apps available (hulu, HBO now, etc.). It has been well worth our $39.99! Learn more about them here.

      That’s all for today’s Wednesday Wishlist! If nothing on here interested you, my husband said I should add “a sense of humor to the list because everyone needs one of those.” For once, he’s right 😉
      Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for my upcoming posts including “DIY Vanity on a budget.”

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  1. Jess I’m sorry to say this is the first time I have completely read your posts I really enjoyed it . I didn’t order this time (since I am from the old school will have to have my daughter explain to me and show me how). Congratulations wonderful job..

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Carrie is an amazon lover like me, so I’m sure she would be happy to help. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. I need to read that book! One of my friends just talked about it and it seems like something I would love.

    PS Nice to find a fellow Iowan!

    1. Hey backatcha! I just ordered the kindle version so maybe I’ll post a review when I’m done. 🙂

    1. Those ones are amazing! Such high quality! I use them daily and I’ve had them for about six months, still in great shape. Great brushes for only $10!

  3. Love Macca. Thank you for sharing Wednesday Wishlist, i feel like i should pamper myself more. i dont find any time to look nice! 🙂 Keep sharing!

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