How to Create a Home Office on a Budget

Hello all! Welcome to the new and improved Jess-Because! If you’ve never been here, welcome and if you’re returning, welcome back! As I announced on my Facebook page, I transitioned my website from a personal blog with personal essays to more of a lifestyle blog with a twist.

The most fun step of deciding to take my blog to the next level has been creating a home office. Our spare bedroom has basically been a catch-all since my husband moved in. It has housed everything from Christmas decorations and my husband’s clothes to craft supplies. We have been putting off organizing and cleaning it because we assumed it would be a nursery in no time, obviously two years later, we are out of excuses to clean it. My husband put most of the sweat into cleaning it out, as it held mostly his things. There is still a ton of seasonal stuff and other things that we don’t have any room for in the spare room; but here’s what I have done to make my office space cozy for a low price.

Get a Desk

I have had a desk that belonged to my great-great grandmother and was given to me by my aunt. It’s small, it has ample storage with five drawers, and most of all it’s free! If you don’t already have a desk in your home, I highly suggest looking on craigslist or garage sales (tis the season!) for one. It doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to do the job. Plus it could be a fun repurposing/DIY project. If you want something new, this desk would be perfect for any home office

Add Personality

A bright, cheery work space is a productive work space. One thing you will learn about me quickly is I am a bargain hunting queen. I don’t buy anything unless it’s on sale or less than $20.

I love flowers and all things floral. I repurposed a cardboard container and spray painted it gold then added pink, artificial flowers from my favorite place, the Dollar Tree to it. If DIY’s aren’t your thing or you’d rather put more money into your floral elements this might be a good option for you, if florals and gold suit you like they suit me. I go crazy for cheap things that look high-end.

My favorite part of my office so far is this giant fabric covered bulletin board. One of the best projects I’ve ever done and the easiest! You will find dozens of pins about how to create one of these with upholstery tacks and spray adhesive. I however opted for simplicity! I used a yard of clearance fabric and my regular office stapler and that’s it! It took me maybe fifteen minutes and it brightened up the space tremendously! It’s functional too because I can stick notes, goals, motivational quotes, and pictures on it.

Organization is key

My desk has five drawers so I can store all of my workbooks and lists I’ve compiled from my favorite bloggers. If you’re lacking in the drawers department, you can find so many cheap ways to organize your paperwork and everything else. You can find these cheap sorters on amazon for less than $10. If you aren’t crazy about the color selection, let me introduce you to my best friend gold spray paint! You don’t have to use gold, I just love the “luxe for less look” it adds to everything. I use this one and it sticks to everything! I have sprayed it on: glass, cardboard, Christmas ornaments, plastic frames, my stapler, PVC pipes- you name it, I’ve sprayed it!

Besides storing paperwork, no desk is complete without a pen cup, right? I re-purposed an old three wick candle holder and added beads to the bottom for flair. Obviously any cup will do, but there are so many cute ones out there like this copper wire one that’s on my wishlist.

These projects aren’t all necessary but they do make your work space more comfortable and personal. If your work space is your happy place, it will make it a more productive place. You don’t have to designate a whole room or a lot of money to have your own home office space. My office space is only as big as my desk is and it didn’t cost me a dime. Garage sales, craigslist, and hand me downs made this colorful and very me office space possible. Here’s the finished product.

Stay tuned for many more budget and small space DIY projects! Stay up to date with my projects by following me on Pinterest and Facebook in the sidebar—>


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